Edison and Ford Winter Estates - Edison Park

Thomas Edison and Henry Ford lived in Florida and shared a lot of experiences together. Edison Estate Park was a precious pearl of their creativity.

Edison, a botanist as well as an inventor, and his groundskeepers turned the property into a tropical paradise. The largest variety of flowers and trees are concentrated here.

It’s just an amazing collection of beautiful vegetation that creates a perfect environment for a womens photosession in Fort Myers. If you come with your family and your husband is not very interested in taking pictures around flowers, we can go to a garage building with vintage Ford cars and trucks.

This is a really spacious and well maintained area, with palm alleys and a Japanese garden. Exotic plants from around the world with seaside benches and views. We can even find a bamboo grove here.

The Majority of the residence has water access to the beautiful Caloosahatchee river and family photosessions or wedding photoshoots are especially beautiful along the river during golden hour.

Variety of locations will make your photosession much more interesting and pictures multidimensional.

Christina photography recommends Edison park which is formally called Edison and Ford Winter Estates as one of the best places for family, wedding, and elopement photosessions in the Fort Myers area.