Koreshan State Park as one of the best choices for photosession in Fort Myers area

Koreshan State Park is one of the most photographed places in SW Florida. It combines the rich history of one of the ancient settlements of the 19th century and the beautiful Florida nature, with a veil of mystery and mysticism. Photographers of Fort Myers love this place because old tall trees, mostly Spanish moss, cover almost the entire park with their beautiful crowns, thus creating perfect lighting for photography. This allows you to achieve a rich and beautiful color without hard shadows and overexposure.

But Koreshan State Park is not only rich in trees. All the authentic architecture of the past has been preserved on the territory of the park. The buildings have been restored and are in excellent condition. They look like scenery from western films, that is very atmospheric and fits, for example, for a cowboy-style photo shoot.

Another plus of the Koreshan State Park — its compactness and convenience.

All the attractions are located in a circle and it is very convenient to walk from one photo zone to another. This is especially valuable during family photo shoots with young children.
And if you go beyond the park, within a brief 2 minute walk, there is another beautiful location with completely typical Florida nature, that is suitable for: family photosession, western style photosession, cowboy style photosession, couple photosession, or kids photosession.

Christina photography reccomends this place as one of the best for photosession in Fort Myers area.