Romantic Sanibel island

Sanibel is an island immersed in romance. Sanibel beach is where I did my first engagement photoshoot in Fort Myers and that is why this place will forever remain special for me and for the engaged couple I shot for.
My favorite location on the island is the coast near the lighthouse, overlooking the open bay. It is very picturesque, has a fairly wide beach, with white sand and calm waters.

The centerpiece of this location is of course the Sanibel lighthouse. This is a symbol of choosing the right path and reliability, therefore it is very symbolic to connect our hearts and swear an oath of eternal love to each other in this very place.

Every evening the lighthouse lights its fire, illuminating the dark abyss of the sea as a sign that all the obstacles that will arise in the way of the new family, will be overcome.

Other than being perfect for couples, this beach has a lot more to offer. Sanibel Beach is said to be the place with the most shells in America. And yes, it is an even more attractive idea to come back here again, but this time with a new addition to the family.

Children are so passionate about the process of finding the most beautiful shell that it can be difficult to persuade them to look into the camera, but the emotions of children’s joy that you manage to capture are definitely worth it.

Once you bend down to pick up one shell, you get so carried away with the process that you don’t notice how the hours fly by. Therefore, it is easy to turn a family photo session with children into a fun activity for all family members.

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